We had to part ways May 19 2015

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!  We want to apologise to all the customers that have tried to make payments on our store using a reputable payment gateway that the whole world uses (we're not going to name names), and haven't been able to checkout because of continual error messages from this "no name" app. We picked this up in our stats that show a number of people reaching a page and unable to...

A brand with a plan May 08 2015

We've been making Tshirts for over 10 years now and still love doing it. What started as a sideline hobby has grown into a full time monster. What do we love about making Tshirts you might ask? Well here are a few reasons: It is VEEERY competitive, which forces us to be on top of our game. There's a whole lot of Psychology involved in what people really like and...

May the 4th be with you! May 04 2015

Dude Junior interview on the cards April 30 2015

We have filmed a great interview with Jarred Van Vuuren, we will have it live on our site pretty soon. These things take time! 

Cooler as... "Collector's item #2" February 15 2015

The Cooler as... Tshirt is a hit This winning tee has been one of our most popular Tshirts to date. We love creating these Limited edition collectors item Tshirts where we feature our company icon illustrated into a certain sub-culture or environment. We have loved seeing the reaction that these Tees have caused, as we have put a lot of time and effort to Illustrate these for you. We are...

10 of the best December 01 2014

  We have launched a very exciting limited edition collection of 10 Tshirts. Each Tshirt will only be available for a month at a time. Follow the process, collect each Tshirt... there will be 10 in total.  Click here to visit the collection page, #1 is already live and for sale. 

Black Friday Discounts November 27 2014

A friend has a band. That band has a song November 21 2014

So a friend of ours has a band. That band has a song. That song has a video. Here's that video for you. Night Natives 'Under All Of This' Official Video from Night Natives on Vimeo.

Beards are no longer a sign of laziness November 20 2014

  Beard oil for extra man-points! Gentlemen, gentlemen… today I arrived at the doorstep of sophistication when I sampled the Gentleman’s Beard Oil and rubbed it through my beard and twirled the ends of my moustache! I looked at myself in the mirror, inhaled the fresh wood smell and went about conquering the world as any dapper gentleman would usually do… I thought to myself,   “Gosh darn it… how...

The World's first cereal cafe? November 07 2014

    Now I never thought that cereal was such a thing until London came calling with a cereal cafe! i think that is genius. I would go in and eat cereal for the sake of the concept! I don't eat cereal usually, but I'm a sucker for a great concept...    Wanna read the full article, click here

Bring out your social animal November 07 2014

Bring out your social animal... We communicate daily with our fans and followers via our social media platforms, but have never stopped to ask you exactly what it is that you would like to hear or read. We are now splitting our messages across all platforms so that you can choose what info you would like.  

New store and site launch October 20 2014

Rock Star Threads online We're so excited to launch a new online store and mini site. After 10 years of running this brand, we're hungrier than ever to see it spread across the globe. We're having more fun than ever and still get that excited feeling when we somebody wearing one of our Tees.    We will be changing it up all the time, introducing new Tees every month and giving you...